Dedicated to creating the softest loungewear for all, slow fashion brand Odeyalo keeps comfort, quality, and versatility in mind. Odeyalo offers garments that fit perfectly into a minimalist wardrobe and which are produced in Montreal by independent seamstresses to help stimulate local employment.

Circularity is a core principal at Odeyalo. Existing resources are kept in use and repurposed for as long as possible. To minimize waste, Odeyalo only does a limited run of all of their pieces. Further, they offer their scraps to local companies that make underwear or children’s toys, and work with Atelier Retailles to transform any remaining natural fibers of theirs into paper.

By creating high-quality pieces, Odeyalo encourages clients to keep their purchases for many years to avoid overconsumption.

QUIL customers get 10% off with Odeyalo when they return their packaging. 🎉