LEZÉ The Label

Pronounced LEH-ZAY; ‘lazy’ but fancy]: LEZÉ designs clothes that are a hybrid of ‘pyjama feels’ and polished structure so you can get things done — comfortably. Their comfortable work pants, sweaters and dresses are combined with pyjama-inspired feelings and nature’s functional resources to positively disrupt the future of sustainable fashion. Sustainable fabrics are a critical component of their design process, with pieces made from fabrics including fishing nets, beech trees, and coffee.

LEZÉ donates 2% of net sales to the LEZÉ Community Fund from every purchase of their comfortable work clothes. Customers can nominate loved ones and personal causes for the LEZÉ community to support. At the end of every month, the LEZÉ team reviews submissions to the community fund and allocates funds appropriately based on urgency and need.

QUIL customers get 10% off with LEZÉ when they return their packaging. 🎉